As part of a 21st Century education, students must be exposed to a stimulating and innovative STEM curriculum.

Taken separately, the four STEM subjects are defined by the National Research Council as:

1.       Science -  the study of the natural world, including the laws of nature associated with physics, chemistry, and biology and the treatment or application of facts, principles, concepts, or conventions associated with these disciplines.

2.       Technology - the entire system of people and organizations, knowledge, processes, and devices that go into creating and operating technological artifacts, as well as the artifacts themselves.

3.       Engineering - knowledge about the design and creation of products and a process for solving problems. Engineering utilizes concepts in science and mathematics and technological tools.

4.       Mathematics - the study of patterns and relationships among quantities, numbers, and shapes. Mathematics includes theoretical mathematics and applied mathematics.


The Administration has made great effort to ensure that JA students are on the cutting edge of this curriculum.

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