waronker.jpgDr. Shimon Waronker is an accomplished educator. He is the CEO of The New American Initiative with three schools in the Bronx and Brooklyn with over 80 teachers and over 1400 students under his supervision. He just completed his Doctorate in Education at Harvard University, and travels extensively to share his knowledge. As a nationally acclaimed educational leader, he has been featured on Today Show and New York Times.

He has been looking forward for years to applying his extensive knowledge to the world of private schools, and now does so at the Jewish Academy of Suffolk County. Since he started in July, he has energized the children, parents, faculty and administration. The JA is proud to have him on our team, to raise the educational bar for all who are associated with the Jewish Academy.


The new JA model is predicated upon the idea that student achievement is directly tied to the quality of teacher instruction. It is only by attracting, developing, and retaining skilled and talent teachers that significant educational progress can be made. As described by a recent McKinsey (2010) study:

“The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers. Research has shown that of all the controllable factors in an education system, the most important by far is the effectiveness of the classroom teacher. The world’s best-performing school systems make great teaching their ‘north star.’ They have strategic and systematic approaches to attract, develop, retain, and ensure the efficacy of the most talented educators—and they make sure great teachers serve students of all socio-economic backgrounds.”

Imagine a school for your child where . . .

. . . teachers are not under pressure to “teach to the test”

. . .childrens’ individual interests are encouraged and enhanced, laying the foundation for a lifetime of achievement. The emotional health of our students is also a priority

. . . morals and ethics are taught together with mutual respect and character development skills

. . . ‘Master teachers’, voted by their peers as top in their profession, keep the academic bar very high

. . .faculty invest five weeks of the summer in training, including one week in Cambridge at Harvard School of Education

. . .Judaism is not just a subject, rather an integrated part of everyday learning

. . .students are exposed to the best in technology, an innovative engineering program, Touro Law School lessons, the TelAm Hebrew curriculum, and long-distance learning online.

. . . the iReady assessment tool enables teachers to provide extra support in the subjects most challenging for the student, and allows each child to move ahead at their own pace in areas of strength

. . .best practices of real-world Learning, differentiated instruction, development of critical and/or creative thinking, risk taking and failure are part of the everyday learning experience.

. . .long-term relationships between students and faculty members increase learning over time

At the Jewish Academy, best practices are not just talked about – they are embedded into the system we work in. The entire faculty meets for 90 minutes daily to ensure that all the above is actually woven into the school day, with individual student needs approached with a team effort.

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