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The Learning Environment at The Jewish Academy

The Jewish Academy offers an unparalleled quality of education. The classrooms of The JA are filled with wonder, curiosity and joy. Cooperative teaching and learning, integrated thematic instruction, problem solving curricula across the disciplines, and the recognition of and respect for individual learning styles bring spirit to the educational process.

Teaching and learning at The JA involves parents, teachers and students, working as a team. It also requires that each take an active role on the path to successful academic achievement. In addition, clear and established learning goals and objectives along with a personal interest in and awareness of the needs of each child set the stage for optimal learning. Faculty challenges themselves as educators to constantly fit their instructional plans to the needs of the individual learners within their classrooms. They act as role models for students in many ways, including their strength of character and passion for learning.

An integrated curriculum designed to challenge students is at the core of the educational plan. Faculty employ a wide range of teaching strategies to stimulate student curiosity, encourage questions and exploration, and invite risk taking in a supportive learning environment. A rigorous, innovative curriculum lays a solid foundation for the development of verbal and quantitative skills, which are essential to the academic success of all students. In order to help cultivate good listening skills and a confidence in public speaking, students are enthusiastically encouraged to present their work to the school community.

The development of creative expression nurtures the child’s inner spirit in a culturally rich environment, which will include the arts, music, literature, and dramatic play. Life long fitness participation with an emphasis on skill development, sportsmanship, team spirit, and healthy play and competition will constitute the essence of the Physical Education program.

All of these components along with cultivating a strong value system that can be applied to all aspect of daily life, and the knowledge of and appreciation for the values and ethics of Jewish tradition are fundamental to the operation and success of The Jewish Academy.