The Jewish Academy represents excellence in education, combined with a tireless dedication to meet the needs of all Jewish children.

At the JA, skills and concepts are prepared and presented by the faculty in a manner capable of reaching each child. By connecting prior knowledge to new experiences, JA constantly have their natural curiosity nurtured as they explore the various disciplines through a thematic, integrated approach. The classrooms of the JA are filled with wonder, curiosity and joy, making learning both meaningful and memorable.

The academic curriculum, supported by values from our Jewish heritage and housed within a nurturing, child-centered environment, allows our students the opportunity for meaningful learning and optimal academic and personal growth.

A highly trained and dedicated faculty at the JA works to develop competency for both conceptual knowledge and performance related skills. Using a wide range of teaching methods to stimulate student curiosity, teachers encourage questions and exploration, inviting prudent risk taking within a supportive learning environment. Collaborative teaching strategies, innovative curriculum development, hands-on experiential learning, including field trips, all contribute to accomplishing our educational objectives.

Working as a team, teaching and learning at the JA involves the combined efforts of teachers, students and parents. Each component of this team is integral to realizing successful academic achievement. In an extended family atmosphere, this partnership serves as the foundation for all successes at the JA.

The JA Menu for Academic Success:

Learning Goals - Higher Order Thinking Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Solid Study Habits, Sound Organizational Skills, Love of Learning, Strong Communication Skills, Collaborative Team-work Skills, Independent Learning Skills

Core Subjects – Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Social Studies, Music, Art, Physical Education, Drama, Library Skills, Judaic Studies – Bible, Hebrew, Israel, Prayer, Traditions, History, Culture.

The JA embodies a caring community of compassion, learning, good deeds and personal growth. It is a place where raising moral, upstanding, responsible children is a priority. The JA provides a safe, nurturing environment where the focus is on inspiring each child to become a knowledgeable, responsible and ethical member of American society.