Educate & Enrich

As a bright star on the Jewish educational horizon, the Jewish Academy seeks to challenge the mind, nourish the soul and broaden horizons.

Educate a child according to their way, stated King Solomon, which is precisely what our teachers do. This time-honored precept is upheld and lauded, as teachers and parents establish specific educational goals for each child. Social skills are taught alongside social studies, business ethics alongside math. Lessons in kindness are discussed, acts of kindness are performed. The Jewish Academy merges academic excellence with vibrant Jewish learning in a warm inclusive school community. Each student is known and recognized in an atmosphere where trial and error are part of the creative learning process. Differences are acknowledged, prudent risk-taking is encouraged, youthful curiosity is celebrated, and a life-long love of learning is fostered.

The JA approaches this undertaking with profound awe and excitement and accepts it with responsibility and reverence. 


Being ‘computer savvy’ is no longer optional - it is vital for the educational competency of each student. Toward this end, the Jewish Academy incorporates computers in a variety of ways.

Classroom computers enable students to do on-the-spot internet research and graphics illustrations. In addition, word processing programs aid the development of writing skills.

Students acquire and hone computer skills through age-appropriate educational software and activities allowing them to build upon existing knowledge by using higher level critical thinking skills. Our classroom SMART Boards  allow teachers and students to create dynamic lessons and share multi-media programs so the world becomes their laboratory.


Housed in a most inviting setting, the JA’s lending library boasts hundreds of delightful books.  Students are exposed to new and traditional authors and titles as they develop an appreciation of reading for information, pleasure and personal fulfillment.

Whether for application in individual classroom libraries or the school’s lending library, library skills are taught and learned while supporting classroom units of study. The JA library is pleased to provide an ever-growing section specifically for parents, on child development, psychology, discipline and motivation, in addition to basics in Judaism, books are available in Jewish philosophy and child rearing from a Jewish perspective. A professional resource section for faculty and administration rounds out the Library collection.


Vibrant artistic skills are developed as budding artists learn to express their imagination and individuality. Students are encouraged to see and appreciate beauty. They demonstrate their creativity and their creative thinking through the use of various mediums and materials. Open ended art opportunities contribute to individual expression and confidence boosting. Lessons enhance Jewish holidays and classroom activities in order to engage the ‘whole child’ through a variety of artistic endeavors.

Physical Education

In Physical Education, students are taught more than just how to play the game. Focus is on teamwork, understanding the value of good sportsmanship, individual skill development and a sense of personal accomplishment. At every grade level as much emphasis is placed on developing self confidence, as in developing coordination and cooperation.

Using the Suffolk Y's spacious gym enhances our PE program. 


Through extended enrichment opportunities, built into the very fiber of the curriculum, classroom learning comes alive at the Jewish Academy. Guest speakers, live demonstrations and internet resources enhance the general and Judaic studies. Expanding classroom and holiday activities, engages the 'whole child' through a variety of projects.  We invite representatives from the local community to share their creative talents and expertise with the students, thus providing the very best in contemporary education.