Dearest Chaya,

You and the JA are constantly on my mind, I have been wanting to reach out to you for too long now, and it just kept being delayed. It feels bad to be out of touch since my son graduated in 2016. Public high school transitioning has been a lot of day to day work but I am very happy to report that he is doing an amazing job and is very happy. All this being said; we miss the JA, we miss your special school and we miss you.

My son very often mentions something fun or touching about the JA or his experiences there. It always warms my heart and I think to myself; "wish Chaya could hear this". It is very clear not just to me but also to him that your school built the foundation for his life and that your school will always be what gives him so much confidence, an amazing platform from which to grow, and of course- the deepest and most rooted sense of belonging to our people, our history and our incredible faith. Thank you for that over and over again!

I thought it would be fun to attach the most recent report card, so you can see the academic side of things (he's getting all 90s in a Blue Ribbon school). He loves his teachers and they keep telling me how wonderful it is to have our son in their classes. Please note that he is taking higher level Math and Science classes along with tenth and eleventh graders and on a college level.

On the social side, you may be happy to hear that he has joined the Robotics club and Science Research elective classes where he found a great bunch of new friends and they all happen to be...Jewish! Its fun to see that he has so much in common with them on so many levels, it's not the family he had at the JA, but it's a good start. 

Again, I hope that you are well, we clearly miss you and love you very much.

Warmest regards, 

M.C. Huntington Bay

"I am a parent of two students at the JA. We’re transfers from a good public school which I could not complain about in any way. Due to destiny, or should I say divine providence, one day we found ourselves at the Jewish Academy and for several years now my husband and I are witnessing  the work of miracles, big and small, happening there on a daily basis.

Wouldn’t we want, as parents, to sometimes have a guiding hand, helpful advice, or a caring attitude? My kids are getting just that and much more. Besides the fact that academically the JA surpassed all the public and private schools in Suffolk County, the kids at this school are being refined, polished, and taken care of like true diamonds. The soft, warm, and caring touch of Chaya Teldon’s words breathes into the kids a sense of right and wrong, and belief in oneself. Having personal contact with the students in the school she gifts the kids the tools to find the better self within themselves and within others. The faculty and administration have an unwavering capacity for altruism, and their wise ways of disciplining teaches kids to take responsibility for their actions and make better choices. My husband and I couldn’t possibly ask for better partners in “raising” our kids.

Each time we come to any of the school functions like the Chanukah show, spring concert, Science or Torah fair, we leave feeling lifted and blessed to be a part of such a wonderful family called The Jewish Academy.

I wish from the bottom of my heart that more Jewish kids would experience this phenomenon of “being raised” by the staff and faculty of the JA and more and more parents would experience the true Jewish nachas of seeing their kids becoming refined polished diamonds – good individuals with true Jewish souls!"

M. D. Farmingville 

"After investigating our many options, my husband and I chose the Jewish Academy for our son. The JA promotes a love of learning. The Jewish Academy has made our family life richer. The class size, level of education, facility and enrichment opportunities are excellent any problems that may occur are addressed with a solution oriented approach."

"The faculty is compassionate and understanding. They have a connection with children, a partnership with their students. I can see alumni coming back in 20 years to visit their teachers! I have complete confidence in the safety and security of my son. My son loves school so much he wants to stay for after care. At the JA, learning is associated with love. "
J.S, Huntington

"Being a teacher in the public school, I can see the difference in how our daughter is developing as a reader, writer and learner at the Jewish Academy. My daughter looks forward to going to school each day. She even wants to go on the weekends!"
M.K., East Northport

“When we think of the JA, many words come to mind. The one that stands out most is family, because from day one, it has been a place  filled with warmth, caring, and compassion; a place where our daughter and family have always felt welcome - a place where our daughter has felt from day one that she belongs.

E.S., Plainview 

With the Jewish Academy, here is what you can expect:  Caring professional teachers that go out of their way to connect with you and keep you part of your child's progress and the classroom "happenings,"  a great curriculum that encourages your child to think outside the box and actively participate in the learning process, and a child who does not want to go on vacation to Florida because she was missing a day of school.
My wife and I find ourselves consistently saying the same thing every week: "Jewish Academy- Best decision we made regarding our child's education."                                                                                            

J.K., Commack 


An Open Letter from a Parent

I am the mother of a student in the First Grade at The Jewish Academy. At my own accord, but with the knowledge of the administration, I am writing to enlighten you about this hidden educational treasure in Suffolk County. Briefly, our story is this:

 We moved to this Blue Ribbon School District three years ago from a neighboring community, focused on giving our children the best education possible. While socially our oldest son had a nice experience in Kindergarten, he learned very little and was not involved or interested in his learning. Although a very solid student with excellent skills, he constantly expressed his disappointment in his own learning, was not stimulated and became very negative towards school in general during his Kindergarten year. He became a child we did not know.

Two weeks before school began in September 2006 we became aware of The Jewish Academy, but being true believers in the public system, did not have any intention of utilizing the independent school sector. That was before we met with the people at the JA. We enrolled our son in the First Grade and have had the joy of watching him be happy, involved, invested and engaged in his education and in his Jewish heritage at an early age.

 Our son now runs to school each day, spirited and inspired. He tackles homework with a zest that we have not seen before. At dinner, he recants detail after detail of his school day, and listens intently to the events of the world around him that are shared at our table. Last year it was impossible to get him to share. In retrospect, we now realize that he truly had little to say about his school day.

 In addition, but not secondary, is the exposure to Judaism he is now receiving. In the public school in this community he was one of two Jewish children in his class. This year he laughingly and patiently teaches us the details of the traditions that we honestly know so little about. We are learning from our son and loving it. Most importantly we see clearly his understanding and respect for what we do and how we do things at home and how he appreciates and values the different degrees of observance.

 In summary, what does the JA provide for us that was so acutely absent in our lives? We have come to realize that:

 v       The small student/teacher ratio encourages more personalized attention and more time for out of the box learning.

v       A small nurturing and focused environment provides for all the students in a class to have a strong voice and an opinion. No one can hide or be timid in a small class. They learn to speak clearly, with conviction and understanding, and with support from their peers and direction from their teachers.

v       The small student/teacher ratio creates an environment that helps one zone in on each student’s particular learning style and makes sure that he/she is truly understanding, comprehending, building skills and applying their knowledge.

v       The opportunity to learn a second language like Hebrew, at such an early age, helps in brain development and language skills for the future.

v       The sense of community and worth of each child cannot be measured as individuals are valued for who they are and their specific contributions to a group.

 I could go on and on and on. As a conscientious parent, I want only the absolute best for my son and his happiness is a priority. Being happy in school, being validated as a Jewish person and a student is key to his future success.

 Maintaining a critical number of pupils throughout the school is imperative for the success and future of The Jewish Academy. Therefore, I encourage all of you…spread the word and advocate for your child and for the school. The mantra of “where learning begins and where children soar” could not be better stated for all the children attending The Jewish Academy. Our experience has been that the school is true to its word and its mission…the children are central to all that is done at the JA . . .  what more could any parent ask?

Thank you.

A First Grade Parent

January 2007