Mrs. Anita Kaufman

(1937 - 2015)



Mrs. Anita Kaufman was a woman of many interests and varied activities. Her greatest loves were her family of 4 children, 9 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren, who she spent much time with. She was an avid tennis, golf and bridge player, a nurse, social worker and world traveler. All this would normally be a full schedule for most great-grandmothers, but not for Anita. She was also the Founding & Managing Member of Next Level Venture Partners.

She had tremendous passion for Judaism and Jewish Day School Education. Since the early 1970’s, she and her husband Morris, of blessed memory, were active in the leadership of the Hebrew Academy of Suffolk County (HASC). Anita always believed that Jewish education is the secret to Jewish continuity, and to raising a moral generation of Jewish youth. A testimony to this belief is the fact that all of her children and grandchildren attended Jewish day schools.

After her husband's untimely passing in 1988, she continued to successfully expand their business. Soon after, she moved to Florida, where she helped to start a Chabad presence in the Boca Raton area, eventually building the beautiful Morris and Anita Kaufman Chabad Center. She was a pillar of the community there, and Shabbos meals at her house were part of the Boca Jewish scene.

Her personal convictions, as well as her commitment to her husband’s vision, drove her to continue to support Jewish Day School education in Suffolk County. In 1988, she was instrumental in the establishment of the Maimonides Day School in Lake Grove. After the closing of HASC in 2003, she took on the herculean task of establishing the premiere Jewish Academy in 2004, and was the school's main supporter for many years. Her dedication to the JA, and intense involvement in its daily growth, were exemplary and contagious.

She pointed with great pride to the many accomplishments of the Jewish Academy as a wonderful contribution to the mosaic of a young and growing Jewish Community in Suffolk County. The community is forever indebted to her as a model of leadership. May her memory be forever a blessing.