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Inspiring Jewish Pride and Identity and Jewish children - the future of Judaism.
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Why Chabad?
How are Why is this Chabad Hebrew Schools different from all other Hebrew Schools? 
Every week you can see their smiling faces coming through our doors. We provide a Jewish education for children that makes them where they look forward to coming! again and learning some more. Our lessons are very interactive, and  with each child receives receiving individual attention. We offer stimulating programs, hands-on activities, and learning through practice. Our teachers are caring and devoted to the physical and spiritual well being of  their students. The lessons learned at Chabad are sure to stay with our students into adulthood!
Who is it for?
Our program is designed to accommodate every Jewish  child, whatever their prior background may be. A child may begin at the very beginning of the Hebrew alphabet, learn to read through the superlative "Aleph Champ" program, or graduate to more advanced skills in understanding our prayers and Torah. 
Our mission is:
What will you get?
  • A child proud of their vibrant heritage
  • An engaged student, owning their knowledge
  • A positive and wholesome childhood experience sure to leave an indelible impression
  • The desire of every student to pursue further knowledge of Judaism after they leave CHS.
  • Resources for parents, so the family is comfortable with what the children are learning.