Address: 40 Winding Way
Watermill, NY 11976
Phone: 631-726-3046
Fax: 631-726-3046

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In a classic story of Chabad grassroots growth, Chabad of Watermill was founded in 1994 when philanthropist George Rohr requested a Shabbos minyan, or prayer service, conveniently close to his summer retreat in the Hamptons. Chabad sprung into action, renting a home to host a makeshift synagogue for that first season.

Today, Chabad of Watermill has since purchased its own home: a grand, 6,500-square-foot residence in the heart of this idyllic village that is home to year-round residents and seasonal visitors alike.

In operation the majority of the year, Chabad of Watermill brings you a vibrant, informal and hands-on friendly community resource in a place you’d expect it least. Jewish tourists and locals alike have said as much, what with their loyal and growing turnouts of over 50 men, women and children to Chabad’s weekly Shabbos services and classes. Whether you live or play in Watermill, Chabad is your complete community resource, offering full rabbinical services for all Jewish lifecycle events and a thriving neighborhood synagogue where you’ll feel right at home. Come on down to find Jews just like you!