Address: 400 East Shore Road
Great Neck, NY 11024

117 Cuttermill Rd, Great Neck, 11021
Phone: 516-654-6000
Email: [email protected]

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Rabbi Osher & Miriam Sara Kravitsky
Rabbi Zalman & Tzivi Baumgarten
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In its 15 years, Chabad of Great Neck has greatly realized the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s dream of touching as many Jews as possible, in as many ways as possible. Great Neck boasts a majority Jewish population, and the Lubavitcher message of spiritual assistance comes to them via our many community offerings: three daily prayer services, youth prayer services and synagogue programs, the year-round array of Living Legacy hands-on children’s holiday workshops, public menorah displays and lightings, weekly classes and lectures, daily study sessions, the Silverstein Hebrew Academy and the Cohen Chabad Hebrew School, and a full-color community magazine published seven times yearly.

Hardworking and dedicated Rabbi and Mrs. Yonason Biggs, Rabbi and Mrs. Dovid Ezagui and Rabbi Michoel Rosenthal, under the direction of Rabbi and Mrs. Yossi Geisinsky, live by the credo of accepting each and every Jew and catering to his or her every spiritual or communal need. Stop by anytime and discover for yourself what 500-plus daily participants in its regular programs have discovered for themselves: That at Chabad, you really belong.Whether it’s for children, adults, families or singles, Chabad of Great Neck has something for everyone. Including you!