Chabad Lubavitch of Long Island was established by the Lubavitcher Rebbe in 1977 with the arrival of Rabbi and Mrs. Tuvia Teldon in Long Island. It is the local branch of the Lubavitch Youth Organization and the international Chabad Lubavitch movement. Since then, over 34 centers have been established, staffed by 50 Rabbis and their wives, servicing tens of thousands of Jews across Long Island.

Whatever the need may be, whether for a college student in Stonybrook, a single mother in Yaphank, or a young child in Mineola, Chabad is there to reach out and offer a helping hand. The dedication of our staff has made Chabad a household name in Long Island, and created one of the fasted growing Jewish organizations in Nassau or Suffolk.

  Following is an overview of the activities and ongoing programs that Chabad offers:

  • 50 Rabbis and Rebbetzins
  • 34 Chabad Centers
  • 24 Synagogue Services
  • 20 Hebrew Schools
  • 15 Jewish Learning Institute Providers
  • 9 Nursery Schools
  • 8 Friendship Circles 
  • 6 Summer Camps
  • 6 Mikvahs
  • 3 Campus Programs
  • 1 Day School

Our prison, nursing home, and prison chaplaincy programs reach out to many of the less fortunate in our community, as well as our assistance to the Jewish poor. Our staff spends thousands of hours in counseling and reaching out to help people with all types of problems in life.

Hundreds of people attend our unique seminars with guest speakers on topics from Kaballah to Kosher Cuisine. Our Speakers Bureau reaches many more with regular engagements at Hadasah, ORT, and Sisterhood meetings throughout the area. In addition, thousands benefit weekly from our Cable and radio show, Torah faxes and emails, websites and phone services. Tens of thousands benefit from our frequent Holiday events (whether they be in malls, reception halls, supermarkets or the Chabad Center) and the distribution of literature about Jewish traditions and observances.

Chabad has opened up opportunities for Jews to connect to Judaism in ways that were never thought of before, and literally changed the face of Judaism on Long Island. The vibrancy, relevance, and spirituality of the Chabad message has struck a very real chord with the needs of suburban Jewry.

Each of our 30 centers is operated independently under the umbrella organization, and offers a variety of Jewish educational, social, and religious programs for Jews of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of financial status. Each local center expands over time according to the level of financial support they receive from the local community.

Today over 2000 Chabad Centers around the world, in Jewish communities large and small, have changed the global map of Judaism and familiarized millions with the knowledge and practice of Judaism. This tremendous growth was inspired and directed by the world renowned Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe.