geisinsky.jpgRabbi Meir & Hadassah Geisinsky have recently joined the staff at Chabad of the Five Towns, assuming the position of youth directors.  Under the leadership of our newly hired Youth Rabbi, 5Towns Youth can look forward to an expanded selection of programs aimed at their emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual development. If that sounds as fun as a visit to a science lab, you don't know Chabad of the Five Towns or Meir Geisinsky.

Chabad of the Five Towns has created fun programs for youth from its onset. Featuring exciting activities, professional, well designed materials and a staff with boundless energy, Chabad has attracted children and parents for years. Forecasting a greater audience and the need for more programs for all interests, Chabad joined forces with Rabbi Meir from Crown Heights to fully develop this area.

Previously, Rabbi Geisinsky served as Youth Director for The Shul of Bal Harbour, FL and ran The Friendship Circle (a program where teenagers volunteer their time with children with special needs) in Columbus , OH . What does he have in store for our mini-Islanders?  Chabad will keep its doors open past evening prayers and on Sundays for boys and girls, ages 3-10. However, far from lumping the kids together, Rabbi Meir & Hadassah have developed programs targeted to each age.