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Melville, NY 11747
Phone: 631-385-2424
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Serving the 20,000-strong Jewish community of Huntington since 1990, Chabad of Huntington has earned its reputation as a resource both communal and personal. Rabbi Asher Vaisfiche lives by the Chabad philosophy of Ahavat Yisrael, unconditional love for every Jew, reaching out to each Jew as a personal friend and ensuring that every attendee, visitor, student and synagogue-goer feels welcome.

Chabad of Huntington continues to attract attendance at its most popular offerings, its ongoing adult education classes and its stimulating, successful Hebrew School. Exhilarating programs at the festivals of Chanukah and Purim bring the joy of these holidays to life, with hundreds of men, women and children joining Chabad for the celebrations. Personalized Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutoring for area youth keeps many parents involved with Chabad. And with approximately 100 Jews of all ages participating in its weekly programs, Chabad lives up to its slogan of “Anything Jewish for anyone Jewish”-and the area’s 6,000 Jewish families know that Chabad truly cares.

Whether it’s a Torah class or kosher tefillin, community events or Kabbalah study, Chabad’s open-door policy fosters positive changes and personal growth community-wide.