Address: 261 Willis Avenue
Mineola, NY 11501
Phone: 516-739-3636

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Chabad of Mineola, under the leadership of the energetic Rabbi Anchelle Perl, brings the joy of Jewishness to this Long Island Jewish population center.With a host of weekly and monthly Judaism study sessions and classes, a full palette of children’s programs, a popular radio show and telethon and, of course, a full-service synagogue, Chabad of Mineola is dedicated to the educational, social, religious and humanitarian needs of Mineola’s Jewish community. Chabad of Mineola’s rabbi, staff and volunteers are pioneers, beating a path through the spiritual wilderness to bring Jewish education, compassion and caring to all their brothers and sisters in need.With its innovative programming for the unaffiliated, Chabad has earned a golden reputation as a home and a haven of belonging for Jews of all stripes.

Chabad of Mineola uniquely serves Jewish Long Island and beyond with extensive crisis intervention and prevention, meaningful drug rehabilitation, and compassionate counseling to victims of addiction or family dysfunction. Chabad continues to extend its helping hand wherever and whenever needed, lending its trademark love, support and acceptance to every human being regardless of race, color, religion, affiliation, age or financial status.